Will U Street become Ballston?

Recently U Street Dirt (http://ustreetdirt.wordpress.com/) posted that they think U Street is in danger of becoming another Ballston. While I do hate Ballston (no offense they did a good job for an area that was levittowns), U Street does have a heritage to preserve. The buildings that make up the core of U Street History can be preserved through code and zoning. But still there are plenty of ugly buildings that can be replaced. The question is, how will they be replaced? The Post Office / Yums at 14th & Wallach is not one of the buildings I want to perserve but U Street Dirt makes a good point, do we want a big apartment building?

I estimate there will be 1000 new housing units built within 10 blocks of 15th & U in the next 2 years. What will these buildings look like? Do we have the services to support them? (We still need a supermarket on my side of U Street.) Will is make our neighborhood like Ballston – a bunch of big tall buildings with no walking culture? A walking streetscape (sp?) is essential to a good neighborhood. I hope the Developers, the ANC, and DC Zoning is ensuring that we maintain it.

Also update from Borderstan (Matty is a great commentator):

To Ballston or Not to Ballston…According to Greater Greater Washington, that is not the question at all with the development of condo buildings at the intersections of 14th Street, U Street and Wallach Street. The heart of the question seems to be over the size (story wise) and the lack of a setback from the sidewalk proposed by the builders. While I’m no defender of the sedate, mass-produced concrete jungle that is Ballston, it does seem hard to believe that a six story building would create such shade issues that would warrant stopping the project. (http://www.borderstan.com/07/symhm-tgif-july-15-edition/)


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