DC reaches a milestone…..

I was somewhat divided on whether to post this but I think it is a relevant fact so I will anyway: In February DC lost it’s majority of African Americans.

African Americans now make up less than 50% of the city’s population. I am sad that we will now no longer be the “Chocolate City” as some call it but I am hopeful that we can now become a more racially diverse and integrated city. There will always people who look to the past as our best days but I hope that we, as a city, can build on that historic past and make it a greater city for everyone. We are blessed with an amazing African American culture on U Street and I hope we can learn, build and grow upon it.

There were 2 great quotes I took from the article from Eleanor Holmes Norton and my namesake Sterling Tucker



“This is a cosmopolitan, artsy town, black people laid down a culture that lives here. The flavor of the city is not going to change with whites moving in.” Said Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, I would add that it is one of the reasons we find the city attractive.

Sterling Tucker, a former civil rights activist, City Council member now president of the National Theater  “Most of Washington would regard what is happening on U Street and H Street as very positive,” “There are some blacks who like the image of blacks in control, but I’m not sure what that means. I think they are worried about losing political influence.”


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