Great new carsharing idea

Greater Greater Washington has a great article on a new carsharing servicing applying for permits in DC. Car2go will be a point to point system just like bikeshare. I have to say there are many times I would love a car just to get someplace quickly when I can’t find a cab (like to the airport at 5 am) or taking a big item home from the store. There are a few downsides though like their application for residential parking permits which is not great for hoods that already have crowding on a weekend like U Street!

The best part of the article I thought was this:

Car2go also has an API for people to be able to integrate it into other web, mobile and other apps. That’s important because we’re going to see more and more multimodal trip planners, information screens, and other services in the future, showing people all of their travel options from buses to bikes to cars….

Or my frequent last minute problem:

When people can choose at a moment’s notice between a bus, Metro, walking, their own bike, a Capital Bikeshare bike, a Zipcar, a car2go car, and more, living without cars or with fewer cars per person becomes much more convenient and achievable.

The author has a great observation about how stressful it is to get your Zipcar back on time. I always become a stress case as the return time draws near.


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