Great use of a beautiful Art Deco building . . .

The City Paper is reporting that Douglas Development has offered to lease the Manhattan Laundry building at 14th & Florida to a bunch of start ups. The deal is rent free and for only three months but hopefully the start ups will take off and rent it permanently. It is a beautiful building and a cool start up company would be a great tenant. The former occupant, Meridian Charter School, is moving into the old Harrison School building on 13th btw V & . 

I hope this can bring some jobs to the neighborhood to support a lunchtime crowd for local restaurants. Something U Street is missing. We don’t need any big companies setting up corporate headquarters but promote some small businesses. I would love it if Howard University Hospital built a doctors building for local doctors to set up their private practices. Doctors have specific building needs (water in examination rooms, etc) but pay good rents. Given the way many doctors operate in the District, I would think there is a need for a building that is metro accessible,  equipped for medical exams / dentistry and near a hospital (Howard Hosp, Childrens Hosp, and Wash Medical Center). I wish a developer would build something like that maybe in the long delayed Howard Town Center.


One thought on “Great use of a beautiful Art Deco building . . .

  1. Super to see that DC is diversifying right around our neighborhood off U and 14th, NW. The tech incubator idea could be great for creative and economic growth.

    However, the Meridian Public Charter School (PCS) in the Manhattan Laundry Building mentioned here is just starting a $15M renovation of the Harrison School Building at 13th & V, NW.

    Meridian PCS will be in the Manhattan Laundry Building for the full academic year 2011-2012 and possibly longer from what I am told.

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