Is U Street a neighborhood?

OK sorry for the delay today but I’ve been working (I know! How dare they give me work to do when I have a blog to post and on a payday even.)

A reader of Prince of Petworth had a post asking if U Street is a neighborhood. At first I was philosophical about it contemplating the larger issues, asking myself: What is a neighborhood really? How do you define where you live? Can a neighborhood truly exist without a supermarket in it? (I know – a frequent theme)

Then I came to my senses. What kind of an idiot thinks that we are not a neighborhood? We have a Metro stop named after us. Neighborhoods spend thousands of dollars and years of time trying to name themselves. The real estate trick of naming something East Dupont or North Logan circle are just lame ways to create a neighborhood whose name reminds people of crime or riots.

I like being a U Street resident and I am proud of its heritage as a center for music and African American culture. For this woman to think that she is coming up with the boundaries of U Street is moronic. Sorry for getting negative but whatever. Stay cool this weekend! I will be hiding inside.

BTW great new way to enter Metro. I think they need to roll this out to a bunch of stations.


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