JBG buys another parcel at Florida and 8th

This is a bit of good news. The lots on the South Side of Florida between the CVS parking lot on 7th across 8th to 9th street are set to be sold. Washington Metro has finally agreed to a price for the land and the transaction should go through this week.

It is good news that the developer, JBG, will be developing these spots along with other lots they have on 8th & V Streets. But there is not much they can do. The metro starts about 30ft down so any buildings will need to be shallow and with limited parking. I have heard they were thinking about a hotel with commercial and retail. Given the impending number of housing units that will be coming on in the ‘hood, that is a good thing. I still want a supermarket.

WMATA Site: New ownership is expected for the WMATA parcels along the southern side of Florida Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets NW.   WMATA re-released their 3 lots for sale back in April, and shortly thereafter, the JBG Companies was selected as the contract purchaser, pending the WMATA Board’s approval.  Just last Thursday, the WMATA Board unanimously voted in favor of selling these lots to JBG, allowing JBG to proceed to a closing this week. If all goes as planned, JBG anticipates closing on the parcels by the end of this week. JBG has not yet engaged an architect or rdfined a development program for the sites.
Here is a map of the U Street Historic District

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