So sorry to be away . . .

Here is an idea that I think should be more popular in DC: Converting carriage houses into homes. There are some cute sidestreets with great potential, I hope we can find more spots like Naylor Court.

Local favorite Saint Ex have come up with a good idea for food while their kitchen is closed: BBQ 

Please come to Dog Days on U Street this weekend. I’ll be staffing the U Street Neighborhood Assoc booth during the morning.

DCist has some tips for Summer Museum Exhibits to beat the heat.

Some other tidbits:

NC1B Monthly Meeting: Thursday, August 4, 7pm at the Reeves Center (14th and U), second floor. Items on the agenda include an Voluntary Agreement with Alero, Dukem’s application for a serious change to Retail Class C license,  Habesha Market’s (1919 9th Street) application for a Retail Class DR Restaurant license, MMB LLC’s (913 U Street, this is the future “Matchbox”) application for Retail Class C Tavern license, Satellite Pizza’s (2047 9th street) application for Retail Class C Tavern license, and Lost Society’s (NW corner of 14 and U), renewal of Class C Restaurant license.

Also on the agenda: an update on the Justice Park development project at Euclid, and a Raze permit application for 2221 14th street – this is the site that R2L and  Douglas Development hope to build at the SE corner of Florida and U.  Titled “The Floridian”, you may have seen the signs hanging from lampposts exhorting ‘now’s the time!’ to tie yourself into another U Street condo mortgage.  Details for the  building, slated to be 7 levels tall, can all be found here.

Le Slum Historique is getting a much needed facelift:  few weeks ago I noticed permits in a window of one of the long-vacant properties at Ninth and Q Streets and Rhode Island Avenue (which, as you may recall, sold last November, and which were once known for the murals that adorned them).  Today, Mr. Q Street News sent me a photo evidencing that fencing has just gone up, so it seems construction is imminent! Word on the street is that the properties are going to be gutted and fully restored into residential units.  I’ve heard the Rhode Island Avenue frontage might have ground floor retail.


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