Interesting residential developments on U Street. . .

Just a quick note to anyone reading this, I am not aspiring to be a great author so if you want to read more about a subject please click on the link to get the full articles.

Urban Turf, who have great local market analyses is, noting that local real estate inventory is down to a 3 month supply from 4.1months. That is region wide but U Street is definitely seeing a reduction in inventory. Maybe we can accommodate 2000 new apartments in the next 3-5 years.

DCist reports on a new article that suggests that suburbanites may be paying more than city dwellers, especially in transportation costs. The interesting prices, the area average is $1246, Tenleytown residents pay $1003 but Columbia Heights residents pay only $840 per month. I’m assuming these are gross costs but it’s nice to know I’m saving moeny living on U Street!

Also Donatelli, a large local developer, is selling the Ellington, their flagship property in the hood along with some other properties. They seem to be restructuring their local investments while JBG seem to be going all in.


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