Redistricting and other updates on the hood

I went to the Ward 1 ANC redistricting meeting last night. There seems to be a lot of baggage from the process 10 years ago that the Task Force is looking to avoid but overall everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Many thanks to Brianne Nadeau for the exhaustive notes she took. The chairman is going on vacation for the rest of the month which I am not so excited about but hopefully they can come up with a good plan by October. Many task force members memntioned creating an additional ANC for Georgia Avenue, a 5th ANC for Ward One. Given that ANC 1B especially my district of 1B02 grew the most (68%), I am just hoping we get adequate representation.

One area I am really concerned about it the overwhelming development of the north block of U Street between Vermont and 9th Street. The are plans for 7 bars / restaurants on a block with maybe 10 lots. That looks crowded to me…..

Borderstan has a great article on the amount of development going into U Street right now. What it doesn’t cover is the expected growth over the next 5 years. This week I heard a conservative estimate that there will be 2000 new units in the area. Most will be rentals so I am not sure what that does for the sales market. I know housing inventory is down right now but as The District building comes up for sale that may change. JBG has a lot planned for the neighborhood so please come to the September U Street Neighborhood Association meeting to hear their plans for the neighborhood.

Thanks to U STreet Girl for the graphic for Dog Days this coming weekend:

In the Neighborhood: Piola Pizzeria should be coming to the U Street neighborhood. You can see their Arlington menu here. There had been little visible progress on the building at 2208 14th during the intervening months but I’m happy to finally see some movement. They’ve applied for a liquor license and a Michiel Architecture sign have gone up. The liquor license application says: “International Italian food chain serving genuine Italian food with a seating capacity of approximately 70 people on the 1st floor and 20 people on the 2nd floor. The total occupancy load is 150. A roof-deck (summer garden) with 40 seats and no entertainment.” 

Cool Ideas for a bridge: Grtr Grtr Washington has a great article on proposed bridge types for the Anacostia. I like the Ponte Vecchio version to promote traffic but not sure how deliveries would work….


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