Announcement and Condos on 11th

Just a quick note today. I am sorry I have been slacking of late but I’ve been swamped at work.

Officially I’d like to announce that I will be seeking the ANC 1B02 seat. Aaron Spencer announced his resignation last night at the 1B ANC meeting. Monday I will get the petition for election from the Board of Elections so stay tuned. Borderstan will be reporting on the story shortly.

Second I wanted to draw attention to the development of 11th & V Streets. The lot currently has the abandoned Michael’s Car Repair and was bought last year with the announced intention of building condos. It is a nice lot and the initial design looks good. I have 2 concerns that I hope will be worked out in the final design. 1. They provide parking for occupants and 2. the unit sizes seem rather small.

Not to be a size queen but 615-750 sf units seem to fit only for one bedrooms. All buildings in our hood should provide studios to 3 bedrooms, otherwise we will be come a neighborhood of transients as people move out due to making more money, getting married and needing more space. The building at 14th and Wallach is already going for the Studio / One Bedroom market. Plus they said this will be sold as condos which will glut the market.


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