Helmets and Neighborhood Development

So Capital Bikeshare, I really hate typing out that whole thing so I may just go to CaBi as they call themselves. Anyway they are going to give away (sell?) 500 helmets to promote their use. You can check out the design here. I think it’s a great idea to promote usage. Hemets can be expensive and having a good fitting one is important. I had a bad one but did not even know it until I bought a new one at Costco a few months ago.

I also wanted to compliment Level 2 (via U Street Dirt)  on it’s development at Wallach and 14th. They really took a cooperative approach to the development, asked residents what they thought and changed the design to accommodate some of the changes. I wish more developers took this approach. As disclosure I do know Jon Kardon and David Franco of Level 2 but have not discussed this project with them. Jon, as vice president of the USNA did a great job guiding the community process.

I am not sure what the recent market fluctuations may do to it but the real estate market in DC is still strong. Via UrbanTurf


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