Renovating the Dog Park!

Good news. Borderstan is reporting that the Dog Park at 11th & R is renovating. The city has come up with $85K to add benches and some shade which the park needs. Fun Fact for you: It was the first official dog park in the city opening only in 2008.

Check out these great public sign ideas from Valencia, Spain via Grtr Grtr Wash. Maybe it would wake up the person standing in the travel lane on the escalator.

My Dad forwarded me a Wall Street Journal Article (here via UrbanTurf) on how the Feds are thinking of renting out foreclosed homes. It’s a wonderful idea, about 2 years too late and will take about 2 years to implement so I doubt it will do the economy any good. Though if you could be one of the companies chartered to rent out the properties you could probably make some money.

I am looking forward to the opening of the MLK Memorial on Aug 28 which I guess is the 48th anniversary of the I Have A Dream speech.



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