Hot Hints around the Hood:

I think I have said I am a fan of Borderstan. I met Matty the editor last year in my ANC run and actually told him out of the blue how much I like his blog / website. He keeps bringing on fun columnists of topics of interest to us. Though I with never be the fashion plate that my coworker, neighbor and extremely skinny Khelan is, they make good points such as their Urban Etiquette piece.

I am excited to see their new architecture / urban planning columnist, Troy Urman called Borderopolis. He will hopefully provide some much needed insight as our hood explodes with development. One item I might point out, He expects 700 apartments in teh next few years, I would revise that upward to over 2000 new units of housing between 16th, Logan Circle, Belmont and 7th Street. It will be crazy. I look forward to Tory’s perspective on the proposed designs.

Hot hints around the hood: I’ve heard the new Mova on 14th north of W is progressing with construction. I look forward to seeing it. Someone has noted that the stores across the street are in for renovation which should be interesting with the YMCA building / development going in behind it.

If you can, please come to the U Street Neighborhood Association meeting tonite at 7 pm at the Source theater. Level 2 will be presenting on their new Wallach place development!


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