What Doggie Day Care do YOU go to?

OK it has not gotten this bad in DC yet but we are well on our way. The Wall Street Journal has an article on Doggie Day Care centers that require applications and observed play which of course was picked up by Gawker for it’s comedy value. I want to laugh at this but I hesitate. I know plenty of people who spend thousands of dollars to make their animals healthy and day care is just a small price to pay. I have not heard that our neighborhood daycares are full …. yet. But I think we are on our way. I have used doggie day care and dogwalkers. I come down on the side of dogwalkers because it’s a little easier than dropping the animal off. But I know many people who swear by their daycare center. Soon I am sure they will start asking for applications.

Also it seems that the Giant at 8th Street will be closing Sept 8 (PoP) in  anticipation of CityMarket. All the blogs seem to have heard today…..


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