More notes

Sorry I have been treated to lunches all week and that plus meetings has meant time away from the computer. Here are some things that deserve highlighting in our Hood:

From PoP check out the new marketplace opening at 14th & W. I am not sure where it will go or what they are offering since they are asking for vendors. Will it impede with the farmers market?

In Shaw reports that the ugly 70s buildings at 7th & O will be torn down shortly. I have to say this will be good because they have to be a safety concern as abandoned buildings.

GrtrGrtr Wash has an article about how walking / transit served communities are becoming more popular. I am still amazed that architects / city planners thought that broad expanses of concrete would promote community. Look at SW. Who wants to live there. It is an example of how some architects design for themselves not the people they are building for – my big complaint with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Check out the picture of “Count Albrecht” the man who ‘allegedly’ murdered his wife in Gtown. Unfortunately I am hearing that he was dating a man while married to the woman which does not convey honesty in the relationship.

PoP said Dukem wants to open 24hrs /day. I think I heard them say last ANC meeting that they would be open to 5 am but it may be 24hrs day


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