The USNA is showing National Treasure 2 in Harrison Park tonight with the perfect introduction: City Of Cranes! Appropriate given the number of cranes in our hood, AND In Shaw’s posting on the matter.

As our latest local scandal, we have the murder of 91 year old Viola Drath in Georgetown. Stay tuned for a movie of the week and gossipy articles! As a screenwriter friend of mine said yesterday, you cannot write material like this because no one will believe it. Evidently he was German but earned an Iraqi Generalship as seen in the many pictures of him in uniform.

Interesting news from PoP the H Street Streetcar will open no later than 2013. They better hurry. How long have we waited for construction to be complete and nothing….

Full disclosure: I know the woman selling this house. I remember them building it and she and her architect husband but a lot of time money and energy saving devices into it. It is a pretty cool space and bigger that you think from the outside.

Thanks to the always current Borderstan for an article on the homeless shelter at 14th & R moving to 65 Mass Ave. Yet another sign of the new gentrification. What are we becoming????

Tickets for pedestrians and cyclists is down!@ More later


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