Adversity breeds comradery

I have to say I am very lucky to have good neighbors through snow storms and now earthquakes, I can call on them to check on my doggie and be ready for recovery drinks when I get home. In Shaw has an interesting post on “Where were you?”

In ANC news, U Street Dirt is disturbingly complimentary of Stanley Mayes running for the ANC 1B02 which he formerly held. I say disturbingly because after having been cross examined by Mr Mayes at an ABRA hearing last April I am not confident in his abilities to represent the neighborhood.

If you saw the Police helicopter circling for a while last night it’s due to the fact that 2 people were shot at the Shaw Skate Park. No details yet but stay tuned.

Borderstan reports on Florida Grill. I like this local landmark but I am not sure about the food nor how it stays in business. Every time I walk by, I see more employees than customers.

Disturbing news about the approaching Hurricane but that may be our standard weatherman psychout.


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