Great Quote on the importance of Biking

OK after the earthquake yesterday, I was standing on the sidewalk with a coworker. She said she was getting her car and going home as soon as she could get to it. I said I was biking home and that there were usually plenty of CaBi bikes to use. As we stood there, 3 people went by on CaBi bikes. She looked at me and told me I should grab one and go. But I was confident! Bad Idea.

Of course I waited and hour and as I emerged from the building after being let go, I opened by Spotcycle to see where the bikes were. There were none and as I refreshed I saw the last bike disappear. Luckily it was a beautiful day so I don’t mind walking home but it is just another sign of the times. Biking is important as DCist and many others report.

The lesson: Join Capitol Bikeshare!


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