New Developments around

OK these are a bit farther afield than U Street but I think they are worth noting. Many sites / sources are saying that there is a lack of rental space in general in DC and specifically in our neighborhood. There has not been a new building opened in over 2 years which is not necessarily bad. But U Street’s popularity and the general trend of movement into Urban areas is causing rents to increase. I am worried that the 2000+ units opening in the general Borderstan area will reverse that quickly.  Some new developments:

I think I have mentioned before my love of buildings between the blocks: carriage houses, garages, old factories are a great opportunity to have a big space in a open design. Opal (?) is proposing a cool carriage design for Naylor Court down by 9th & N. I think it’s a great way to use the space.

Interesting article on the church owned lot at 17th & O Street.  It’s in a weird no mans land between the big 9 story office buildings before townhouses start on P street Northward. The church or its agents are proposing a 90 foot building. I don’t think it will cause any dramatic change to the ‘hood I just want to make sure they have parking since that is the last lots in the area.

Nearby there are plans for the empty lot on 14th southwest side below Rhode Island. I am not sure what they are planning but that block needs work. Everything around there seems to be booming and that block looks ghettoish…..

Here is a cool map of all the monuments in DC. There are a lot more than you think. A favorite is the Irish Patriot Emmet statue at Mass Ave & S Street. In case you were wondering, the Temperance Fountain was constructed to provide people with cool water so they would not want alcohol. Does not get much use does it?


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