ANC Endorsement and Hurricane Prep

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling, candidate for ANC 1B02 Commissioner. Although new to the race, Alexandra has done a great job learning the issues and talking to residents and businesses. I am happy to endorse her for the ANC 1B02 seat and hope she does not have opposition.

What are you doing for the hurricane? I WAS supposed to go on vacation up in CT. But being trapped in a house with my parents, siblings, and niece/nephews was not my idea of vacation so I am going up Wednesday instead. I hope there is some good disaster day partying in DC….

14th & U has a good article about the Residential Parking Permit system. Admittedly is is screwed up. The fact that DC makes so much routine income from the parking penalty system is a crime against its citizens. If you are making so much more than other cities, do you think that maybe you are over-enforcing? or the rules are unfair? I agree with 14/U’s comment that we need more parking for residents. The proposed change allowing for parking on one side just for residents is a good start. Being a nightlife district, we can reduce crime and increase sales if we have safe, available parking lots for visitors. The underutilized Reeves center is a good start. The practically unused lot at the DC Housing Authority is a better next step. We need to keep visitors off residential streets and onto lots for their safety and our sanity.


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