Ok I’m a little hungover from Hurricane parties this weekend and definitely sore from sitting on the couch all weekend. (I think I’m getting bedsores????) Many thanks to Petey and Ronnie’s Dads for hosting the gathering on Saturday night. That’s why my post is a bit late today. Here is what I have been able to find on the web:

U Street Neighborhood Association has rescheduled their outdoor movie for tomorrow! Come join us for National Treasure 2 bring a picnic and enjoy what should be a nice evening.

PoP is looking for reviews of Bella across from the 930 Club. Has anyone ever eaten there? I’ve seen drinkers but never anyone eating there.

PoP also reports that this former Horses Ass award winner may finally be finishing. It’s a house I’ve been following for 7 years now. It was a great space before and the owner took down ALL the bricks when remaking it. With the windows and renovated garage out back I think it’s a beautiful property. I look forward to them finishing it finally. I had heard he had some problems with permiting.

A note of warning for restauranteurs: Don’t piss off ABRA. As I heard it, Shaw Tavern (via DCist) hosted a benefit for a charity and gave away alcohol without applying for the temporary one day permit. ABRA was so upset, they have now held up their regular license. Bummer for them. I hope they figure it out soon because I’ve heard good things.


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