Vida Pool Bar on U Street

So Vida is fighting to put in a bar at their pool on top of the new building at 16th/U STreets. I guess there has been heavy resistance from 30 local neighbors to the permit. I have no position on this but if you do, you should contact ABRA. The Pool is actually in Ward 2 but it’s on the south side of the border with Ward 1 so it will affect Ward 1 just as much. Here is the letter to the Vida Pool members asking for their support:

Dear Pool Club member,

We are in the process of applying for a liquor license for the Penthouse Pool Club.  We are very excited about this amenity and having it available to our members and neighbors.  As is common in these circumstances,  there are three protest groups representing 30 individuals who are trying to block our license application.  We know that the Penthouse Pool Club will be a great amenity for the neighborhood.  We also recognize that there are legitimate concerns about the noise that might be created at the Pool club.  We have proposed a voluntary agreement that will require us to close at midnight on weekdays and 1:00 am on weekend, which is consistent with other restaurants and bars in the area that have outdoor spaces.  We also have proposed that we set our speakers at a volume level as to comply with DC’s very strict noise code. Finally, we have proposed that we either install sound attenuation barriers or limit occupancy of the pool club on the South side of the building to ensure compliance with CD noise codes and provide an extra layer of sound attenuation after 9:00 pm

It is not important to know the details of  our proposed voluntary agreement, but I included them in case you wanted to understand better what VIDA is doing to be a good and responsible neighbor.

Our request to you is simple.  Will you please write the ABRA Board an email in support of our liquor license application?  It is important that we have emails from people who live in the area to support our application.  We would like you to send your email of support to us so that we can present them, en masse, at the hearing.

Your support in the form of an email will have a tremendous impact on the thinking of the ABRA Board.  They need to hear not only from the 30 neighbors who are protesting our application, – they also need to hear from the 850+ members of the neighborhood who have signed up to be pool club members and want this amenity to have the ability to serve alcohol.

Time is of the essence.  Will you write and email today?  If you are available on September 14th at 4:00pm, we would also like to have a few of you simply make a statement at the hearing (the hearing is held at 14th and P – in the neighborhood) that you support this license application.  If you can do either, we will be very appreciative and this will go a long way to ensuring that we have a full-service pool club for you to enjoy I the years ahead.

Thank you so much for your help!



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