Notes on the hood. . . . .

Some notes on the hood:

  • Whole Paycheck on a budget: Whole Foods dared their employees to come up with a basket of items for less than $20 to go with last week’s coupon.
  • Take a walking tour of LeDroit this weekend! They are meeting at the LeDroit arch off Florida.
  • I love the fact that Rick Santorum asked Google to fix his word association problem.
  • PoP has an interesting article on the shenanigans going on at ANC 1A. I know I ran for ANC and really wanted it but find some commissioners are pretty childish. What is it about winning an election that turns you mental.
  • LiveNation, the ticket people, have opened a new venue: The Fillmore in Silver Spring. I am happy SS is getting it’s own concert venue but don’t want it to hurt our excellent local, small concert venues. I live across from the 930 club and I am always amazed at how polite they are as neighbors….

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