Left for LeDroit has 2 good posts. One is on the Anna Cooper Circle and how it looked 100 years ago. They make a good point about the really ugly Howard dorm on the northern side of the circle. The original building would be so much m ore beautiful. Second is how you pronounce LeDroit. I prefer the LEE-droyt method.

Good news: Cardozo High school will be renovated! Starting in December and ending in August 2013. Here are pix.

My Pleasant is having it’s festival on Sunday

Urbanturf has a good article on the National Park Seminary which is up in Silver Spring on New Hampshire. It would be a great private  or charter school but I am curious to see what happens with it.

If you passed by the MLK monument over the past few days, you’d see the construction of the National Solar Decathalon. I am not sure how you apply the word decathalon to a 10 day event for solar powered buildings but the campus looks nice. I plan to check it out this weekend.


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