And so it begins……

Many thanks to Renee Peres, my mentor at Nalls Homes. For letting me help with her Open house in Bethesda. It was a nice large one bedroom in a big development. It is a great place for an older person who wants low maintenance and easy living. It’s on the first floor so no elevator but with the hill cutaway it has a nice balcony. It’s a huge complex with indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, dry cleaner, a market, hair salon, restaurant, etc. It is really a great full service facility.

Renee was telling me of her days in the building and it’s quirks. It divides oddly between much older residents for the conveniences and a younger set who like the low cheap rent and all utilities included with the gym and pool.

The building was a part of weird trend around DC in the 1950s and 1960s. It pictured your home as part of a self sustaining community. I almost consider it a socialist paradise. Security on the compound and doorman at the entrance ensures your safety and the stores mean you don’t have to leave. In the 1990s I lived at one of these compounds at Rivergate in Arlington. I don’t know if they grew out of military bases or embassy compounds but I think they owe a lot to that structure. The building management wants to provide all the services for residents. They are so bucolic while being connected to their cities only through driving. Maybe it was in answer to small city neighborhoods with crime and urban decay. Who knows……


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