Notes on the day

For those in my immediate vicinity tonite, please come meet Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling. She is running for ANC 1B02 which will have its election in October. God bless her because it is a tough job.

Cool deli, weird name. Borderstan reviews SUNdeVICH (you try and pronounce it) a news deli behind Seasonal Pantry on 9th street on Naylor Court. I’ve stopped by and was impressed by the menu. I need to try the food some night on my way home.

PoP reviews the new building on M Street between 6&7th. It has sort of a Mondrian feel but it is sort of between everything. Hopefully there are some nice views.

Have any of you been by the Uline area? It’s over by Florida and New York Avenue. Several folks have said they may turn it into a movie theater but that seem to be an invitation to re-create the scary Union Station theater without more store or restaurants  to attract pedestrians.





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