In the real press. . . . We’re Number One!

WTOP reports that the DC area has the worst traffic in the country. Having been to 2 state capitals in the past year (Indianapolis and Talahassee) where I could not figure out if there was a rush hour, I am disappointed that DC has not planned better. NoVa  and Maryland have been one of the highest growth areas for 25 years but they have consistently not invested in infrastructure. I look at New York at the turn of the last century and with Robert Moses in the 1930s-50s they invested for a major urban area. Their new parkways subways and water systems were planned for a city 100 years hence. Our capital area planners are planning for existing traffic. The nature of humanity is to grow, why not plan for the long term? Don’t be so short sighted.

The NYTimes has a good article on how Portland, OR has used it’s biking culture to spur business development. I wish we could do more of that here.

Washington Post talks about embassies that have been converted back into private homes. I have to think the reverse can also be said. As smaller nations become sovereign they don’t need huge office buildings and as big nations worry about security concerns they have moved out of homes that gave them societal prominence.

Good news about the Meridian Hill Church development. Hopefully that will get going soon.

The Park Service has issued video on the Washington Monument which still won’t be reopened until next year.

If you are around DC this week, go see the Solar Decathalon on the mall and check out the new MLK monument while you are at it.


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