Today’s notes





In Shaw was particularly upset that Redfin mislabeled 1625 5th Street NW. It turns out its my building which I think is not bad looking…..

Left for LeDroit was upset that Capital Bikeshare did not put any new or add to their one CaBi station. I don’t agree. LeDroit already has a station at 7th & T and there is not a big population density deserving of another station.

I am not sure who saw that U Street was closed during rush hour last night. I guess there was a fire in the True Reformer building.

Sad News: Turns out biking to work is not good for your lungs. A European report says that we inhale more black carbon. But I think you woudl still inhale just as much if you eat at a sidewalk cafe…..

Our Shadow Rep is not running again. Has anyone ever met him? I met the Shadow Senator once but are they worth it?

Borderstan makes a good point about the “Zone” that smartphone users go into when walking the sidewalk. I must admit I am guilty of this…..


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