Notes on the hood….

The Giant on 8th closed while I was away so I did not write that much about it but I was happy to hear that there will be an extended stay hotel going into the new complex there called CityMarkt at O. When it ever gets finished it should be great but I feel it will be a long 2 years.

Snuck up on me…. I have to say this new restaurant just popped out but they have been dong so much on that block (U btw 12-13) it’s hard to keep track.

PoP has a good comment on abandoned buildings. If they have to sit empty, is there some way we can allow artists to use them? I know developers hate it when a mural goes up because that means they cannot cover them up when the finally do develop them. A similar issue was raised with the Black Family Reunion mural at 14th & W. The developers are going to reconstruct it on the new building when they finish.

Left For LeDroit has some good comments on the Howard University 10 year plan and neighborhood concerns over vacant buildings. They have a point. There are several buildings between 7th & 9th owned by Howard that just sit empty. Is there some way to grass them over or develop them?



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