Real Estate now has cool new commuting software. You input your office address and it will calculate when you can live to stay within a 30 minute commute using verious methods: Metro, ca, bike, walking. I think it’s really cool.

New Purchasing option: The greatest complaint nowadays is the banks mandating 20% down on new mortgages. UrbanTurf reports that local bank BB&T is offing 10% mortgages which is good news.

Refinance? Interest rates are 4.01% How crazy is that? And they are having trouble finding people qualified to refinance. This is a great opportunity to save money on you mortgage.

I am thrilled that my warnings about over development in the neighborhood was taken up by the City Paper. JBG, a big owner of land in our neighborhood, is worried that too much housing is coming online. As the leading owner of property in and around U Street we depend on their positive outlook for growth to continue building on the lots they own. I hope they see the area as continually profitable….


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