Today’s thoughts

Good news for Landlords and property owners: DC has second lowest vacancy rate in the US. So rents are high and property at a premium. Of course if you click and look at the chart you’ll see that the vacancy rate climbs dramatically in 2012-14. That is due to the 2000 housing units being built or proposed in the U Street area.

For those of you looking for a project, the former Swann Street Bed & Breakfast at Swann and New Hampshire will be auctioned off this Thursday. It sold in 2003 for $329k but DC tax assessments value the property at $2.1 million. That is some nice appreciation.

The New York times reported and the Daily Show covered last night, the effect that new anti-immigration laws are having in some states. The Daily Show covered a blueberry farmer who cannot find enough labor to bring in the crop. NYT talks about the “Mexican Rapture” that occurred once the Alabama law went into effect: school population down 5%, houses just left behind fully furnished and pets abandoned. Expect higher fruit & vegetable prices soon.

Metro released it’s new map with the Silver line to Dulles. I’m also glad to see that Yellow will be going all the way out to Greenbelt.

Since U Street is now one of the top 10 places in the US, it is only natural that we have first class restaurants. PoP posts this review of The Codmother, a seafood restaurant by the owners of Tabac. These guys are also constructing a new restaurant on U between 9th & Vermont (north side) with a big outdoor deck. I love Tabac and happy for a new place closer to me.


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