Condo developments in DC

DCist has posted a story about two possible changes to DC law regarding Condos: The first concerns parking:

>> Councilmembers Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) proposed legislation that would allow the mayor to designate buildings whose residents would not be eligible for residential parking permits.

This is important because it means that the Mayor could tell new developments that condo owners of new buildings would not be allowed to park in the surrounding neighborhood. I am not sure of the fairness or constitutionality of this issue. Basically if you buy into the condo, the mayor could say that the property rights of the condos do not include parking. Is it legal for him to strip property of this right? Would it not lead to more stripping of rights?

For those who want to be more involved in their condo boards, you can now attend all their meetings.

>> [A]ccording to a release from Cheh’s office, [the new law] “provide[s] unit owners greater flexibility to control their own governance structure, require that all meetings of condo boards be open to members in good standing and provide unit owners a right of inspecting the condo association’s financial records.”



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