Since all the Feds seem to be recovering….

Slow day in downtown DC as most federal employees have today off for Columbus Day. I’m one of the bitter who still work….

Left for LeDroit has an interesting article about what buildings Howard University owns in LeDroit. I know universities have a tough time when they own local real estate. It’s worth keeping but they don’t have money to renovate them. With Howard’s ambitious building plan for the next 10 years it would be worth selling some to finance it.

Sorry to see El Sol on 9th go but I had only ever been there once. Jin on 14th is getting a facelift. I have passed it many time but never eaten there. Not sure about the food.

Borderstan gives the Deets on the upcoming election. Please vote next Wednesday Oct 19 at the Thurgood Marshall Center for Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling. Also an interesting article on raising a family in DC which brings up a world of issues

Grtr Grtr Wash advocates for an expansion of bikesharing into the burbs. I think that can be limited. My hometown is on a HUGE hill. Going down it is no problem, finding people to bike up the hill would be a challenge.

Finally for today, a comment on the protesters. I went down to McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza yesterday to listen and read the signs. McPherson seems to be a fully functioning soviet complete with general assembly and calling each other comrade. The most amazing thing is that I left for 2 hours to see Freedom Plaza and came back to see they were discussing the same thing which was nothing. I respect protests but these have just brought out the liberal thought police who rail against the machine but have no relevant suggestions. Friend Chris posted this reading of the ‘Rules’  which I thought was a joke but was really true.

We have a lot wrong with the country at the moment but these people have no agenda except to draw attention to themselves. SAD

DC Mud has deets on the new Tryst / Diner development in Columbia Heights



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