Todays Notes

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I have a big post in mind but have not had time to write it.

Events: Local First is having a happy hour tonite so stop by at Ris DC. Don’t forget Mid City Artists next weekend Oct 22-23. If you have never been you should really check it out.

I have to say I always thought it odd brunch in DC always got a late start. Now I know why. The law said you could not serve booze before 10 am on Sunday. Thankfully that law is now gone!

News: CityMarket at O is benefiting from a Federal program to promote jobs. Alexandria will get federal $$ towards CaBi and Arlington will adopt the system! Taylors is still coming to the old Rough & Ready location! Dogs by Day will become a Liquor store! I don’t know if we need another one, we just need better ones.

Has anyone noticed that Safeway is now checking receipts? I’m not sure why….

Frank Kameny dies. I am sure there will be lots of memorials but on a personal note that I have to say he was a remarkable man. I had seen him at countless events over the years and was always impressed at his stamina. He was a link to a gay rights movement long before Stonewall. I cannot imagine the changes he saw in his lifetime.

Finally a great parody of Elizabeth Warren.


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