Just before the weekend….

Sad news: The family of Ahmed Mohammed is suing DC9 over his death last year. This was a no win for anyone and from what sounded like a tragic accidental death.

PoP asks if Urban Outfitters is appropriate for U Street. I think it would be a great fit if they can find a space with the square footage requirements they need. Dodge City is now open for brunch on Sundays for football. An update on the Lincoln Theater (Thanks Borderstan)

The development at 14th & Florida is financed and ready to go but if you’ve seen the lot it will be tight. City Paper has an article on Eric Colbert, who seems to be the designer of every new condo building in town. Whereas U Street seems to be going the Condo route because of the large lots available after the 68 riots, H Street is developing with more townhouses.

MtVernon reports on a town hall meeting on Bicycle safety. Speaking of which there is a cool new app that will give you the costs of each method of transport: Car, bus metro, bike, taxi, or walking.

If you have a rental apartment this site is important. DC requires that all landlords register their properties. Many owners forget about this and are slammed by taxes. Here is a service that can help you get it done quickly and easily. Which is increasingly important since vacancy is down in DC.


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