Trees improve neighborhoods

UrbanTurf reports that tree coverage raises rents and increases property values. I have to say that is a pretty cool idea. I know the city offers to put in tree boxes around the city and they have now committed to a 40% coverage of the city by 2035 which can only help all of us. Last year a friend of my mother’s told me about a $10million dollar donation the American Garden Club gave to DC to install trees. I have not seen any mention of it but it’s always nice when you can find people to pay for it.

On the subject of improvements, I was at the opening of a friend’s new roofdeck on Saturday and saw he had also installed Solar panels. I discussed with another friend taht companies are willing to pay to lease space on top of buildings to install solar panels. It sounds like a worthwhile endeavor but it all comes down to having time to do the research and convincing one’s condo board!

More Urbanturf good news: that real estate inventory is down in DC. This speaks well for the 2000 units being built in the U Street area. According to U Street Dirt, this may mean that we’ll retain our property values. I can only hope. In Shaw knows our hood is a good investment and affordable

I am not sure I would recommend it but here is an example of someone who bought,  renovated and rented a house in 3 months. His schedule sounds crazy but I guess it worked.

Good news / Bad news: They have a plan for the area south of the Nats Ballpark but nothing will be coming before 2013. I like this area but the recession really put a crimp in the planned development. I think some people feel stranded down there.

I am bummed I am not going to make this but there will be a discussion tonite at the Daniel Watha Library on the book Dream City. It’s an amazing book and worth a read.

Also tonite Alexandra Lewin Zwerdling will be hosting a meet and greet at Duffys to talk to her constituents about ANC district 1B02.

Borderstan has good winter gardening tips. And many folks are reporting the good news that Pulp will stay in business in the hood!

PoP brings very good news: Dunkin Donuts at 14th & U is OPEN. I am so excited. Also PIG, a new restaurant south of Rhode Island on 14th street has applied for a liquor License. It’s an odd name for a restaurant but if it serves bacon I will not complain.


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