Roofdecks all around

If you have a roofdeck or work on a high floor, I am sure you have noticed the high number of cranes in and around DC. According to meetings & conventions DC has 1.2 Billion worth of projects going up. I saw 6 up by St Elizabeths and another 4 in Shaw. Building seems to be booming.

In my little hood, we are having a boom 9th & U will be having an explosion of roofdeck restaurants shortly. The as yet unnamed restaurant next to Dodge City by the owners of Tabaq is well underway and should be open by Spring. Also construction on the Brixtson (left below) is going again and it looks like they will have a nice facility on the roof with hopefully bathrooms and running water. Finally, the proposed coffee shop behind the Tropicana restaurant at 8th & Florida seems to be progressing (right below). I am not sure what it will do for noise but the low buildings will allow for nice views.

Interesting note: DCist reports that many of the marijuana cultivation centers will be in Ward 5. All those recent sufferers of Glaucoma will have to road trip over there to pick up their prescriptions.

The City Council is finally voting on a new redistricting but forgot to include a MAP with the bill. Nice huh?

Kind of Sad: Arlington is designating any building older that 50 years as historic. Is it just me or don’t you think if you are designating younger buildings you should choose ones that have something special about them?

An update on the new Matchbox going into 14th & T streets


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