Monday blues….

DCist tells us how Adams Morgan got its name: a show of unity after Brown vs Board of Ed. I didn’t know it used to have a hyphen?

Check out this light bright condo down at 12th & O Streets. It’s pricey but looks good.

Lost of fun fall things happening this weekend. Old City Green is having having it’s Old City Green Fest starting Friday. Stop by and help or buy some winter plants. Looking to do some good? Volunteer to help clean up Mt Vernon Square.

Very excited for a bagel place somewhat close but worried because that spot seems to be cursed.

Beware if you go leafing this weekend as residents don’t always take kindly to city slickers.

One Update: Howard Homecoming went over pretty well from my point of view but obviously one of the shuttle drivers was enjoying himself too much

Update Update: The High heel race is tomorrow night of course but in addition to a VIP area next to JRs this year The Blade is sponsoring 10 food trucks. Come on down!


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