How can you run in those heels?

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the High Heel Race down 17th Street last night. It’s amazing how big an institution the event has become. I heard they expected 60k people with the mayor and city councilman showing up. I guess the queens have gone legit.

For those of you who went to Mid City Artists last weekend, Borderstan has stories on many of the artists. Chuck Baxter and Glenn Fry are two of my favorites.

Good news that I can firm in my bike ride this morning. Work has begun on CityMarket at O Street. I am not sure how many housing units are going in but the Giant will be back, Obama has made it a priority project for Federal Funds, and it will have a hotel! This comes on the heels of the announcement that Kelsey Gardens has found a buyer and work will hopefully start there soon. All this change does make neighborhoods more expensive for those here and those that want to move in.

The addition of new housing is needed as people are putting some random places on the market (like the White House). This is what an improving housing market means to the District and the country. It seems that urban areas have become the hot new properties reversing the many years of flight to the burbs.

Now it seems that the suburbs are becoming the new slums. You can definitely see it in the DC that as gentrified, the suburbs to the east have increased populations below the proverty line. Suburban shopping malls are also a victim – selling at reduced prices and being converted in to firing ranges and go cart tracks!

Some might as if DC is becoming ruder and more impersonal. I have to say it’s less impersonal for me because U Street has become my neighborhood where I am guaranteed to meet someone I know while walking the dog or running to the store. Which makes etiquette so important in concentrated areas where we live.

Other notes: Do we need a new design for the Mall? For those near me, please give Chix a good rating on PoP and leave a comment about LeDroit Park. Also vote on some unique back decks. Finally there is something good coming out the Occupy DC movement, it seems some of the homeless are joining them for camaraderie and food!


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