Feeling Old?

Feeling Old? That could be a good thing. DC has become a magnet for 20 somethings. You may be feeling older but it can only work in your favor for real estate investment. As empty lots are being bought up for retail and housing. Now all we nee dis a supermarket.

PoP catches up to my post last week that the Brixton building is in full swing but he doesn’t mention the building behind Tropicana also being developed by the Marvin / Hilton brothers. He does mention the disturbing cosmetic changes to the Climax Sports Bar including it’s new sign but I am trying to mentally block that out. PoP and U Street Girl both note that ChidogOs is closing on Nov 11. Alas we barely knew thee. BUT there is always JJs across the street which I like immensely.

Ironically on the eve of legalization of medicinal marijuana, MPD busted Capitol Hemp‘s Adams Morgan and Capitol Hill locations for “arrests and drugs and drug paraphernalia recovered”. They had various “water pipes” for tobacco use of course. Adams Morgan is having enough problems with the construction that is driving local businesses crazy. The kiosk at 18th & Columbia begs pedestrians to stay and shop….

UrbanTurf has an interesting article about “Co-housing” which is sort of a really extreme co-op. It is a community where the neighbors take an active interest in each others lives. Sometimes I feel like this in my building but these are in Takoma Park.

Randoms: City Paper writes about the protesters and their mini city. Fun Party (from Borderstan) Sunday Tip: For something completely different, head over to American Ice Company (917 V Street NW) at 8 pm for a Halloween-themed Spirits in Black Metal Party, complete with a spooky heavy metal-themed cocktail menu designed by PS7’s mixologist Gina Chersevani and a costume contest.


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