Housing on U Street One: East of 9th

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but it’s a big task so I am dividing it into 3 parts: East of 9th Street, South of U and North of U. I want to lay out what development is coming to the neighborhood planned or proposed over the next 5 years. This is not an official listing nor is it exhaustive but I want to give you a sense of what is coming in.

1. Progression Place: 7th Street at S Street – Underway. This building is the farthest along in the U Street Corridor. It will be a mix of office retail and residential. We are not sure if this will be condos or rentals but it is quite a building. It was saved from failure by the United Negro College Fund which will use it for their new headquarters.

2. Howard Town Center: 7th Street at V Street – Delayed, possibly 2015. This has been put out to bid 3 times (I think) and now the owners (KNLB) are shopping it for retail leasors. They say they are dependent on a grocer which would be great but they are having a tough time finding one despite the area being a “food desert.”

3. Florida Ave between 7th & 9th: purchased, no timeline – JBG, the developer who seems to own half of U Street bought these parcels from Metro. They have promised a hotel, retail and residential but no plans are set. The Metro is right below this location so they cannot go far down.

4. 8th Street between Florida & V and V and Barry: purchased, no timeline, permits applied for – We don’t know much about this. JBP bought these lots on 8th north and south of V Street between Town and the 930 club. I have heard they are planning residential but no definite plans yet.

5. Wonder Bread factory: S Street between 6th & 7th – proposed, no timeline – After the DC Preservation League used this space for their yearly benefit earlier this year. They had to clean it up and re-enforce some roofs and walls but the building has good bones as my Mom would say. Douglas Development saw the potential and is looking to develop it into office space.

6. Kelsey Gardens: 7th Street between P & Q Streets, permitted, new owner, 2013? – These brick townhouses were church owned but the we closed up and sold to a developer who applied for tax credits and permits to build a 8 story building. They have just sold to another developer and may/ could start in 2013.

7. Citymarket at O: Between O & P and 7th & 9th I saw construction workers working on this site this week and the ceremonial groundbreaking is scheduled for December I hear. The Administration has designated as a shovel ready project to push construction. Hopefully we’ll have our Giant back in 2013.

In addition to these projects there is the very ambitious 10 year plan proposed by Howard University for more housing and building renovation. The Atlantic Plumbing lot on Florida north of the Floridian is owned by a developer, I don’t know who, but it’s prime land for development.

Stay tuned for Part Two….


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