Lots for sale in the hood.

The scary red church at 13th & S is going for sale at $599k which is quite a deal. According to the listing, it is sold as is and is not in great shape but it’s a good lot on a nice street.

The crazy playground on S/9th Street is also being auctioned off by the city. I’d love to see it become a playground but I am sure there are plenty of developers ready to pounce. There is also another lot to be auctioned at 2800 Sherman Ave.

The 700 block of T Street seems to be booming too! In addition to the recently added Pizza place, the corner of 8th will be a new restaurant called All Souls. I am not sure what the name means but it is a good lot with little car traffic so eating outside would be very nice. It is better than the drug dealers who used to hang there.

Also the Meridian Charter school has released it’s addition plans. They are moving into the old Harrison School at 13th / V. It’ll be at the back of the building so it won’t change the look very much.

Happy Halloween everyone and have a great night!


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