Business Update

Business Update: Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I am trying to make my posts more relevant to business and real estate on U Street so I am going to share fewer daily links and try to share more comments and analysis. Today I am providing my summary for the U Street Neighborhood Association.

Business Openings / Closings: Chidogos (U Street Girl) closes in prep for Utopia. Dunkin Donuts at 14th & U finally opened (several sources), Smucker Farms put a sign up on 14th Street at W which will open soon. Pulp has found a new owner and will stay open. Ben’s Chili Bowl has also signed on a location on H Street. The Pizza place on T btw 7/8th will be joined by another restaurant: All Souls which should be a really nice spot for outdoor seating. 11 Eleven Market also renovated to make it more customer friendly. Matchbox  and Taylors at 14th & T has started construction.

Development: CityMarket at O announced their groundbreaking for Nov 15. Next door, Kelsey Gardens was sold by the church that owned the and the new owners announced that they may begin construction by next year. The old Post Office on T west of 14th announced plans to build 2 two story buildings.

ETC: George Mason U announced that they DC area will add 1 million new jobs by 2030 which will put greater demand on our resources. Norwood Cooperative has finally gained permission to buy their building from the landlord with the help of DC housing funds. This is an example for some other tenant associations looking to do the same. Unfortunately the DC fund that they are drawing from has been de-funded.  Recently a magazine named the National Mall as one of the worst outdoor public spaces along with HUD plaza, luckily there are plans afoot to make it more pedestrian friendly. NORAD will be conducting drills over the city tonite through Sunday.

Crime:  Bike theft and car break ins are growing problems adding to the graffiti problem. They have been blowing up the 12th Place and my condo list serve. The gas station at Vermont and 9th  was also robbed last week. MPD are also cracking down on hemp stores in Adams Morgan and Cap Hill.


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