Living U

UrbanTurf has the posting of an apartment at 2020 12th street. They are raving at the view (which my building also shares!) and at $639k it shows real strength for U Street Condo Sales. As I have mentioned (repeatedly) there are 2000 new units of housing coming to U Street / Logan / Shaw so maintaining property value is an important consideration. As a recent client said to me last week, he was not dazzled by the new but reassured by older buildings where the kinks were worked out. Value and appreciation will be important in the future real estate market.

Today I was surprised by a building that came up in 2009 (1900 block of 9th Street just south of U) and is now coming back before the city’s HPRBoard (Historic Preservation Review Board). I find this building totally out of proportion to the neighborhood. I am sorry if the developer overpaid for the lot at $1.4 million thinking he could build 5 stories of condos but I agree with the original HPRB assessment that it is too high and inconsistent with the rest of the block.

The Howard Theater continues its renovation but I am not sure if it can survive as a running concern. If the Lincoln theater cannot cover it’s operating budget, how can the Howard?

Sad note: the State of the Union mural from the Soviet themed 1990s bar is gone. The landlord may have finally come up with an idea to sell or rent it out.

Last note: It’s official. Shaw Tavern was denied a liquor license. Hopefully they can sell it to someone who can earn a license. Looks like they will be more careful with the Firehouse in Bloomingdale they are looking at.


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