Hood Happenings

The Dry Cleaner space on 14th has finally found a buyer / renter. This space has been under consideration for a while by many people including Urban Adventures. I have heard the chemical residue from the dry cleaner mandates a huge clean up which makes it expensive. The lot is worth it. As UrbanTurf mentions that strip of 14th is booming.

Case in point is the new ICON showroom opening one block up on 14th and the renovation into possible retail at 12th & S Streets.

What is a parking space worth? A good question. Values vary between $20k -30k around U Street but Mt Pleasant actually reaches $40k! I am sure Adams Morgan is similiarly priced.

Borderstan gives insight to why the Post Office on T Street has had such a hard time earning a liquor license. U Wine & Beer is reopening today!

Finally, PoP asks if you would want a medicinal marijuana dispensary on U Street? I think a lot of people would say yes but folks I met from Denver this summer complained how dispensaries on every block. DC has limited the suppliers to 8 vendors but I am not sure if it is something we want in our neighborhood.


One thought on “Hood Happenings

  1. My understanding is that in most areas where they have been legalized, MJ dispensaries haven’t led to the shadiness one might expect. Nothing like the blight of bulletproof boozeries. I’ve read the statute, but it still unclear to me what shape potshops might take in DC. Can they be cafes? Or do they have to sell only the main attraction?

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