Blood Boiling…..

OK I said I was going to focus more on neighborhood news but this is pissing me off. We finally rid ourselves of the incredibly corrupt ZONE system for DC cabs. We are punished by fuel and time “Surcharges” that are supposed to be temporary but have somehow become permanent. My average fare went from $10-15 per ride to $8-10 when meters came in so I don’t mind as much but cab drivers are still pushing for more.

Now the Taxi commission is debating pre-payment saying that it would promote rides to less popular areas because the risk of running would be reduced. Why can’t the Taxi Commission do its job and come up with a fair fare? Come up with an accurate cost per mile without special surcharges or prepayment. Cab drivers realize that we were not going to take the fleecing we underwent for 30+years now they are trying other ways to force overpayment. How can I give a small tip when the cab driver is holding my money? Tips are gratuities based on service. If the driver is slow, drives recklessly or rude, they do not deserve over 15%. Most of the time I tip more than that anyway.


One thought on “Blood Boiling…..

  1. or better yet, EMBRACE DIGITAL CURRENCY, DC Taxi Commission! This change is good for customers, drivers and business. For the NYC taxi business, accepting electronic payment has meant a 13 percent increase in revenues.

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