Good ideas and …..

This is a great idea from Grtr Grtr Wash. DC has so many empty lots and storefronts. What could the city do to make it easier for temporary tenants to take this space for retail or exhibits. A few years ago an artist I knew took over a new apartment for an evening as a “Show” of his work. The tenants were moving in a week or two in the meantime he hung his art on the walls for a show. I’d love to see more of that. The article has good ideas like Xmas markets, nurseries, art exhibits or other short term tenants. I think it adds value to the property and shows the popularity of the neighborhood.

I have to agree with Borderstan on Trash. There is too much in the hood. It’s getting better but when the public trashcans are filled with household trash, it defeats the purpose of keeping our streets clean.

Here is a nice article about the chef at The Standard. I was impressed that these guys took the time to meet and greet the neighbors before opening and they had a tough time. Other new restaurateurs should take note.

Notes: A nice memorial to an officer who gave his life at the U Street Metro Stop. Bar Pilar has gone green! We are getting a Buffalo Exchange on 14th at Logan. Never heard of them but the idea sounds interesting.

DC schools find enrollment rising. Does that mean more people are staying in the city with children? Have Charter Schools raised the bar for all DC schools?


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