More business coming to U Street

Tanning Salon coming to 16th & U. The alleyway condos at Naylor Court look nice. Cafe Collage at T & 14th is reviewed. Sad news: Teaism is NOT going in the new condo building at 12th & T. This space has had a hard time finding a tenant. The apartment building at 15th & V has been approved. It will be across from St Augustines. That may be true but renting is expected to get more expensive. But good news! The Wonder Bread Factory has been given landmark status.

One more example of DC overreaching: You have to apply for a Home Occupation Permit in order to have a home office. My condo building doesn’t even allow this (I think). Does that make all of us working from home or telecommuting in violation? Or ONLY if we try to deduct our home offices on our taxes? What is the point of having the tax credit for a home office if you have to do all the paperwork. This also applies to DC Landlords who must apply for business permits for a English Basement.

This is something new: Arborcide Killing trees in your neighborhood. I know my Mom has been tempted to take down neighbors trees but never tried this. Salt in the trunk?


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