If you saw the building at 7th & New York Ave under construction and wondered waht was going there, we now know: Living Social. The DC competitor of Groupon and seemingly more successful, has contracted to rent the building. Of course there are looking for another 350,000sf in the area so that could bode well for other abandoned buildings in the area.

A Pop Up on V Street between 10/11th wins todays’ PoP best pop up. I saw this going up and think they did a nice job…. In Pot news, 17 groups have applied to become one of 5 marijuana distributors in DC.

Good news for Landlords, bad news for renters: Rental prices are expected to go up in the near future. I think this is true in the short term but when some of the new apartments come online, rents will go down starting in 2013. Unfortunately this may not be true for those who bought by the ballpark. They are pioneers, they were just 5 years too early.


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