Expecting big things on 7th

Wow this is going to be nice! With CityMarket@O underway it looks like the developers just to the north are gearing up to start construction, and its sounding NICE. Jefferson Pointe (with an e) at Market Place will have a pool, concierge, parking, retail, community room and gym. If that succeeds we’ll know that Shaw has made it! If you’ve passed, you know that the old ugly Giant is GONE!

More details on the additional building going in at 15th & V. Turns out the ugly 70s building was originally a big Victorian hotel that was the premiere Black hotel in DC. Looking at the pictures, it looks as though it would be an improvement over both structures.

In Shaw has an interesting suggestion. If taller buildings are greener because they reduce the environmental footprint of humans, shoudl DC allow taller buildings especially near the MD border? Also asks if DC friendlier and diverse? I am not sure about friendlier but definitely more diverse ethnically.

Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I was travelling for the holiday and didn’t have time. I hope to have more time this month and maybe hold some in reserve for weeks I’m away. Please keep your suggestions coming.


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